Fielder's Choice Baseball


player development

As a parent of a young athlete, you appreciate how skilled, dedicated coaching combined with a fun environment can make all the difference. 


The goal of Fielder's Choice Baseball is to offer athletes in the Northern NJ area the opportunity to train and learn the game of baseball with accomplished baseball and sports performance coaches in a positive  environment that fosters player education and development.  

We know club level baseball costs are a major factor in choosing a program.  We strive to provide the highest quality of personal training and service, while staying competitively priced.  

​We do all we can to keep our costs down and apply funds directly to player benefits. 

We utilize indoor facilities to maximize instruction/practice time and reduce 'weather cancellations", we have no unannounced 'add on fees' as the season goes on and keep most of our tournaments within driving distance to reduce extra expense of hotels.

We don't want only the cost, to prevent a player the opportunity to join our program.  There are fundraising opportunities for those that want to reduce their fees.​

​Fees include: professional coaches and trainers, indoor/outdoor training facilities, uniforms, other player equipment, tournament fees, strength/agility training and team insurance.

Our program is run by athletes for athletes. Every aspect of our program is set up to develop players and get them to the next level.  We approach the game in a professional, unbiased way to ensure that players that are willing to put the hard work in will surpass their personal goals.  

We are here for the player.   We work hard to develop an enthusiastic and engaged athlete that is determined to improve every part of their game.  

We communicate and work with the players in small group settings while training and are able to diagnose and correct individual technical issues on the spot. 

Mechanics, technique and knowledge are the bedrock to our program's success as we know consistency is built from quality instruction and constant adjustments to form.