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Fielder's Choice Baseball

We are a year round baseball program based in Northern NJ.  We field competitive teams from 9u-18u that play Showcase tournaments (18u), regional tourneys, and leagues. 

Our focus is on developing the 'complete athlete' which is founded in technical skill development, player education, strength and agility training and personal growth.  

Every aspect of our program is set up to improve players skills and knowledge to propel them to their next level of competition.

The players that choose our program are  looking for a place where they can be consistently challenged to learn new skills, develop personally and become part of a supportive team.

Our players have a sincere passion for the game and a deep sense of wanting to become a well rounded athlete, a good teammate and a confident person.  They focus their activities toward those goals on and off the field.

Players receive game strategy/knowledge to give them confidence in 'knowing the game' not simply the mechanics of 'how to play'.  Mental toughness and preparedness instills a sense of confidence and drives their personal work ethic and winning attitude.

Our teams face top competition to regularly test their progress and win, but their overall goal is to develop the skills they need to move on to play at the high school, college, and professional levels.

Our program is run by athletes, for athletes.  Coaches/trainers are hired professionals that have coached from travel, club, High School and college levels.  They have played the game at the collegiate level and are ready to share their experience.

We train our players with the same techniques and processes so the training message is consistent at all levels.  This contributes to consistency in developing skills regardless which trainer or coach is on hand.

We have a passion for the game that is shared with each player in a positive, supportive style.  We approach our teams and the game in a professional, unbiased way to ensure that players that are willing to put in the work will succeed in improving their game!

We work hard to develop an enthusiastic, dedicated and engaged athlete that is determined to personally improve while learning how to be part of a cohesive, supportive team.

We are here for the player.   Mechanics and technique are the bedrock of our philosophy and program's success. 

We instruct using the latest methods, training tools and draw on our coaches extensive experience to deliver and refine fundamental skills, game knowledge and advanced techniques to each player.  

We work with the players in small groups while training and diagnose and correct individual technical issues on a daily basis.

Our passion to see our players succeed is what drives every part of our program.  We have all experienced the benefits a young athlete enjoys when being part of a positive sports programs and we strive to be that place for our players.